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Virtual Sky

CompanyNarduli Studio
Lead DesignersSusan Narduli
Design TeamProduced by: Susan Narduli Studio; Engineering Design / Production: 5TEN Visuals; Software Development: Tommy Etkin; Project Management: OKC ARTS
Project LocationOklahoma City Convention Center
ClientCity of Oklahoma City
CreditsScott Vo Photography and Narduli Studio
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Public Art & Public Art Installation
Project LinkView
Entry Description

Virtual Sky is suspended in the two public atriums of the city’s new Convention Center. The artwork re-conceptualizes the beauty and changeability of the Oklahoma Sky through technology. Anodized titanium forms evoke the subtle shifts of color one experiences throughout the day and season. 60,000 points of light trace weather patterns in realtime. Together, they create an immersive visual experience that expresses the vast, changeable, majestic sky that is so much a part of this city. Virtual Sky can also be explored through its Augmented Reality app.


Susan Narduli works at the intersection of art, architecture and technology. She imagines a future based on the synergistic evolution of physical and virtual environments, creating projects that make visible a new typology of public space. Her Los Angeles studio explores the boundaries of technology and meaning with spaces that are experience driven. Narduli holds a BFA, a Masters of Architecture and is a licensed architect. As Creative Director of Narduli Studio she guides the conceptual evolution of the work. Prior to starting her firm she was Project Designer for Frank Gehry. 

Awards and Prize

London International Creative Competition Award
International CODA Award: 2020(2),2019,2018
Creative Communication Gold Award: User Experience Design
Americans for the Arts|Year in Review: 2018,2017,2011,2009
Exceptional Public Art Award: Allied Arts Board
IDA International Design Award Gold (2)
IDA International Design Award Silver
CODA Video Award
AIA Award of Excellence
AIA Award in Urban Design & Planning
AIA Next Los Angeles Award
AIA Honor Award