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Mercury Hotel Royal Suites

UniversityUniversity of Aveiro
Lead DesignersPeyman Kiani Falavarjani
Design TeamParisa Biriya, Nima Bavardi
Project LocationKish Island
CreditsRenders by : Mohammad Ali Rezaeiyan
Prize(s)Silver in Interior Design / Hotels & Resorts
Entry Description

According to the form of the floors of the Mercury Hotel, which is designed as a staircase and there is a balcony at the end of each corridor, It has been decided to create a royal suite on each floor with a minibar and a special balcony for bathing and sunbathing.
The source of the idea in this suite for the use of bright colors taken from the coral white soil of the island. Also, the design is based on a tropical and coastal atmosphere that is perfectly in tune with the climate of the island.
The suite guests can use the open space and eat their meals anytime they want.

Awards and Prize

Silver A'Design Award winner, Honorable mentioned at MirMiran Architecture Award, Finalist at Restaurant and Bar Design Award.