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BIT Sports Center

CompanyAtelier Alter Architects
Lead DesignersYingfan Zhang, Xiaojun Bu
Design Teamhenwei Li, Kai Qin, Ping Jiang, Wei Huang, Tongwei Liu, Dehu Du, Jiahe Zhang, Ran Yan, Lairong Zheng, Jiaming Mei, Lidong Song, Xiaoxiao Zhao
Project Location Beijing, China
ClientBeijing Institute of Technology
CreditsChina IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Institutional
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Entry Description

Located in Liangxiang, the fringe of Beijing, the BIT Sports Center adds about 15,692 square meters athletic space to the school.
The project draws inspiration from Da Vinci’s flying machine, as well as the geometry of trajectory parabola widely used in military science. Accordingly, two sets of parametric surfaces are created to suspend in the air as the roof for the building. The topological volume framed by the two curve layers are constructed through space frame structurally and covered by standing seam roofing from above and aluminum curtain wall system from below.