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Clariant Integrated Report 2018

CompanyKammann Rossi and Mutabor and Nexxar
Lead DesignersLars Sembach and Arne Büdts
Design TeamVerena Matl, James Porter, Sven Ritterhoff, Martin Sagmüller, Florian Stürmer
ClientClariant AG
CreditsScanderbeg Sauer Photography
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Annual Reports
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Entry Description

As one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies, Clariant creates added value with innovative and sustainable solutions. The GRI Report 2018 (IR) combines financial and non-financial elements to create transparency in reporting. In interviews, internal and external experts explain topics that are crucial to the company's success. The motto "Asking questions is what makes us better" runs through the IR and is also reflected in the focused portraits of the experts, who were photographed in black and white (reports.clariant.com/2018/integrated-report/).