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Mayday - Tough

CompanyGrass Jelly Studio
Lead DesignersMuh Chen
Design TeamGrass Jelly Studio
ClientB’in Music International Limited
CreditsVFX Supervisor: Weiting Chen
Prize(s)Silver in Multimedia / Broadcast Design
Entry Description

The hero in the music video is a middle-aged man, and there is always a little astronaut with him. They may be short of money, but they have each other to depend on. Through the obstacles they met, they insist on building a rocket. When the rocket launched, it shined a bright light which reminds us of the ideals forgotten for a longtime. Although the rocket fell at the end, but the hero is back on his feet, and keeps on pursuing his ideal. He is and will always be tough for his dream!



In 2005, We founded production studio: GrassJelly in Taipei that provides a thorough visual service from directing to the visual production in CG, VFX and live-action. Grassjelly has become one of the best visual production companies in Asia that is drawing media attention widely and gets invited to participate cross-country, high-end campaigns for TVCs and MVs.