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global Warming

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Bronze in Print / Books
Entry Description

This book was created as an interactive children book that educates children on global warming. The left page is a writing paragraph, and the pup-up image is placed on the right page. As children they read the content, they also see the visual image and interact with it. These physical and visual actions help children understand the content more. Furthermore, using a simple illustration and basic colors minimizes amount of information in the image and focus more on the important massage, which could improve children?s understandings. The book is organized in sequence of major climate issues.


Mayumi Honda has been dedicated to design since first attending college in Japan. After working at a few agencies, she started to run her own graphic design studio. She also had working experience for display design before starting the graphic firm. Addition to her over five-year working experience in the Japanese graphic design field, she had the opportunity to educate herself to elevate her graphic design skills in San Jose State University Graphic Design BFA, one of the most competitive design programs in California.